What made you interested in owning a Taigo?

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Post by RedShark007 »

For me it was the compact size and the overall design. I have always loved SUV-style vehicles but the older I get, the more I want to size down and this seems to be the perfect vehicle for my needs.

How about you, what made you interested in the Taigo?

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Post by freejam »

I was miss-sold a new T Cross - incorrect engine specs - saw a new Taigo in the showroom so negotiated a big discount. So an impulse purchase - I had no idea it existed before I bought it. I own up to having cognitive dissonance in the initial ownership period - constantly seeking reassurance from online reviews - it has grown on me after six months especially the high gas miles per gallon. I've come to realise the so called reviews are largely BS the reviewer has spent ten minutes in the car and has copied points made from other reviews. For example, "The interior finish is plasticy below the eye line." Yeah but it's also practical. Or, "The boot space is smaller than xx." All boot space is smaller than a randomly selected larger vehicle.

Or, "With five in the car and three heavy suitcases in the boot the 1.0 litre TSI was sluggish in sixth gear going up a steep hill."

Or, "The coupe style made the rear window smaller than xx."
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Post by Fred99 »

I went to the VW dealer to buy a T-Cross and they had a Taigo in the showroom. Instant change of mind. So much better looking an not the usual breadvan shape. I just love it. I had an Ateca with the 150 HP engine and the Taigo is better and much quicker. I sat in the back this week for the first time and was amazed at the headroom and leg space for a 6 footer.
There is no doubt that the "Coupe Crossover" is now the first choice for many - almost every major manufacturer has gone down that route. The "Boxy" 4x4 will eventually just be bought for its off-road capabilities.
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Post by MikeC »

Looking to replace a diesel Civic which was sadly rear ended, couldn’t find anything that wasn’t expensive or was too old. Came across a heavily discounted Taigo in the right colour and options so went for it.
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Post by Pskc888 »

Sounds like a similar trend it was the deal!
Px a golf GTD 2019 and £2k for an ex demo Taigo
I do like the styling though I think it looks like a cayenne coupe maybe that’s me dreaming!
But whilst we love them the Taigo is not very well received by the market in terms of reviews, which in turn leads to sales.
Hoping we can help it with its reputation and reviews.
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