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Faults and Technical chat for the Volkswagen Taigo
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So I've had my Taigo since last year and it was one of a few that never came with a rain sensor and auto dimming mirror. This was left off as part of the standard features when the car was built.

VW acknowledged this was a factory issue and gave compensation to a number of owners.

I did ask them if these can be retrofitted and never got a response. So, I am wondering, would it be possible of I got the OEM parts?

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Hi and Welcome. Cant help really but it must be worth contacting VW. My dealership on the Isle of Wight are very helpful. They are called Esplanade 01983 523232. Ask for Simon Daniels in sales tell him Eddie Cadman said you might be able to help.
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I will be interested to see if you get anywhere. I have been waiting over a year for a retrofit reversing camera kit but everytime I ask my dealer they say there is nothing available for the Taigo yet.
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