What colour will you be getting if you purchase a Taigo?

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Post by RedShark007 »

I am assuming there will be the standard white, black, and silver options. I am most interested in that lovely green shade myself.

Since I saw it online, I was sold on it. I have always been a fan of green when it came to vehicles and this is the perfect colour to me especially because it compliments the size and shape of the car.

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Post by Rob »

Well wondering if green will be popular - VW are offering the Taigo in a green colour unique for the model called Visual Green. This can be specced with a Visual Green design pack that brings a green insert for the dash and contrast green stitching around the cabin.











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Post by Daytel »

Here are some possible options, not sure if they will all apply to the U.K.

VW Taigo R Line 1.5 DSG
Pure White with Pearl Black roof
Black mirror housing pack
Panoramic sunroof (so no roof rails)
Rear view camera
18” Misano wheels
Spare Wheel
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Post by freejam »

Bought off the showroom floor so didn't choose - white with black roof. Sales guy said it was the first non-gray the new car sales manager had ordered. Sure enough the showroom was full of gray vehicles every single model was a sub-military gray. The staff had given the manager a nick name as Mr Gray - I negotiated a £3200 discount off the list price. My nick name for him is Mr Softie - I'm sure he wanted the white and black Taigo out of his gray showroom as fast as possible.
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