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Post by Rob » Thu Feb 24, 2022 4:11 pm

Here is a roundup of UK magazine reviews of the new Taigo:



Taigo prices start at £22,450 and rise to £29,140 for the 1.5 TSI R Line. That’s a fair chunk more than for the Polo but competitive with other crossovers like the Ford Puma or Nissan Juke. If you just consider their length it makes superminis like a Polo or Fiesta look like a bargain, but they do have better interiors and, often, more powerful engines. Whatever, the formula obviously works, and does here, too. It's a likeable car.

Full review here: ... ign=Review

Auto Express:

The new Taigo coupe-SUV takes all that’s good about Volkswagen's compact crossovers and wraps it up in a more attractive body

Full review here: ... 022-review

What Car:

If you’re after something that’s stylish, comfortable and practical, the Taigo could be a great option for you. It isn’t as capable or fun as the Ford Puma but that’s forgivable given the superb ride and the fact that you get plenty of toys with even the entry-level version.

Full review here: ... iew/n23908

Car Magazine:

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking for a small SUV driving thrills probably aren’t high on your list of priorities. If they are, the Ford Puma is still your best bet, if they’re not the Taigo is certainly worthy of further consideration.

After all, it’s barely any less practical than the T-Cross, not much more expensive, feels slightly plusher inside and has a little bit more extra equipment as standard. Of course, the sensible money would still be on the T-Cross, but if you like the Taigo’s looks and don’t mind paying a bit extra for them, it’s a thoroughly decent thing.

Full review here: ... en-taigo-/

Top Gear:

There’s nothing too surprising about the Taigo. It’s not a surprise that Volkswagen has built it – customers can’t stop buying coupe-ified SUVs right now – and the driving experience will be familiar to anyone that’s coming from a T-Cross or a Polo, although it’s not on the same level as something like the Ford Puma.

It’ll be no surprise if it sells well though. It looks good and is well-priced, with drivetrains that wouldn’t put anyone off but won’t independently draw anyone in. There’s also good space inside for four adults despite the chopped roof. A worthy little coupe-crossover, if that’s what floats your boat.

Full review here:

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Post by Rob » Thu Feb 24, 2022 4:18 pm

There are also a few video reviews worth watching too:

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