Disconnect lane assist/keep ACC

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Post by loki16 »

I’m finding the lane assist steering wheel wiggle annoying/distracting and want to switch it off, BUT keep the adaptive cruise control working. Is there a way to do this?

Have checked the manual and it seems to be both or neither :(

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If you indicate when you cross a lane line, lane assist does not wiggle.
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If you fancy splashing out on an OBDEleven dongle then you can permanently disable it.
On the narrow rural roads around me I found it positively dangerous when there’s an artic or 18 tonner coming towards you with wheels straggling or over the white line and the car wanting to head towards it!
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If however, you have the misfortune to have a serious accident - and as a result, your vehicle is electronically examined which may show that 'lane assist' has been deliberately switched off - then your insurance company may 'void' your cover - because no doubt VW would deem 'lane Assist' is fitted as a safety feature !

And any such removal may be consequential to the T & C of the insurance policy.


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You can easily switch it off but it has to be done each time you set off.
Press in the end of the left steering column stalk. This brings up the Assist Systems display in the driver screen.
Press OK on the right hand steering wheel controls. This removes the tick from the lane assist.
Press the end of the left steering column stalk again.
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Post by freejam »

Initial few weeks of driving it drove me nuts but I barely notice it now - always signal a lane change - but English B roads with some white centre lines can bug the system.
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